Daniel Grace is an Honorary Research Fellow of the School and former SPHR@L team member whose research focused on an examination of alcohol policy reform, social inequity and the health effects of social policies in the UK. He has an interest in critical strategies for social research, policy analysis and the sociology of knowledge. Daniel’s background is in HIV research, legal reform processes and gay men’s health.

Judith Green is a Professor of Sociology of Health. She contributes to the design, data analysis and management of SPHR@L projects. Her SPHR@L-related research interests are in the roles of health and health equity in local government decision making, and evaluative evidence on determinants of health.

Vladimir S. Gordeev is an Assistant Professor and former SPHR@L team member who worked within the health inequalities stream, as part of the Communities in Control (CinC) project. Vladimir’s background is in internal medicine, public health and economics.

Greg Hartwell is a specialist registrar with a great deal of expertise in working in policy settings. Over 2014 he provided guidance to SPHR@L on dissemination and translation in such settings. He has now secured  and also led on his own research into evidence to inform policy and practice at a local and national level.

Theo Lorenc is a mixed-methods researcher with expertise in systematic reviews, qualitative research, and the evaluation of complex interventions. Within SPHR@L, his current focus is on the review component of the ‘Cultures of evidence in non-health sectors’ project.

Dalya Marks has a split post between LSHTM & Camden Primary Care Trust to work on integrating public health research and practice. Her research interests are grounded in public health and policy implications of the screening for, and prevention of coronary morbidity/mortality.

Fred Martineau is a Clinical Research Fellow working on local alcohol policy research and former SPHR@L team member. He has a paediatric background and has previously worked in the NHS for 5 years, as well as in Sierra Leone supporting government child health services as a Medical Coordinator for Welbodi Partnership.

Lesley Mountford is a former Director of Public Health for London City and the Borough of Hackney. She has recently been appointed as an Honorary Fellow of LSHTM and research affiliate of SPHR@L, participating in various research activities.

Gemma Phillips was formerly a Research Fellow with SPHR@L and led on an ethnographic study of UK local government with a focus on practices of evaluation and accountability in decision-making and service delivery. She was also involved in the health inequalities stream within the wider SPHR and lead on the public involvement activities at SPHR@L.

Rebecca Steinbach is an Assistant Professor at LSHTM and has recently been working on a project evaluating the impact of free bus travel for young people on public health in London. Her main research interest is in transport and health.

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