Management Team

Mark Petticrew is co-Programme Lead and is a Professor of Public Health Evaluation whose interests are in evidence-based policy-making, systematic reviews, and the evaluation of the health effects of social policies.

Karen Lock is co-Programme Lead, Reader in Public Health and a qualified Public Health Consultant, having previously worked at a local level in Primary Care Trusts. Her main research interest is in evaluating upstream policies and approaches to tackling the social determinants of health.

Matt Egan is an Associate Professor and Management Team member. Attaining an MPhil and PhD in the History of Medicine at the University of Glasgow Matt then joined the MRC Social & Public Health Sciences Unit in 2001, before joining SPHR@L in November 2013. His research interests include evidence for policy and practice; natural experiments; systematic reviews and primary studies of complex public health interventions.

Steve Cummins is a Professor of Population Health & NIHR Senior Fellow. Steve’s background is as a geographer (BSc) with training in epidemiology (MSc) and public health (PhD), joined LSHTM after holding posts at Queen Mary, University of London and the MRC Social & Public Health Sciences Unit in Glasgow. He recently joined the SPHR@L Management Team in March 2014.

Joanna Akhgar is the Programme Coordinator; managing SPHR@L’s programme administration, communications and development and also sits on the Management Team.


Research Team

Elizabeth McGill is a Research Fellow who is currently working on a qualitative study that seeks to understand the attitudes to, and views and understandings of, research and evidence among practitioners and policy-makers in the urban built environment. She also contributes to the SPHR-wide work programme on alcohol and coordinates the SPHR@L seminar series.

Sarah Milton is a Research Fellow, currently working on an in depth qualitative study about welfare benefits, ageing and well-being in the UK. She also contributes to the SPHR research about the use and meaning of evidence outside of the health sector. She has a background in medical anthropology and sociology.

Triantafyllos Pliakas is a Research Fellow and is currently working on the analysis of retail alcohol data to evaluate the impact of local government alcohol policies. He has an interest in measuring and evaluating neighbourhood effects on health. Triantafyllos’ background is in public health nutrition and environmental epidemiology.

Ruth Ponsford is a Research Fellow working within the health inequalities stream, currently focusing on an evaluation of a local community-based intervention as part of the Communities in Control (CiC) project. She has a background in Sociology and a particular interest in the use of visual and creative methods for data collection.

Joanna Reynolds is a Research Fellow, working on an evaluation of an ‘Alcohol Toolkit’ employed by an English local authority, having also recently submitted her PhD thesis which explored how ‘community’ is enacted around a community-based intervention to help inform approaches for evaluating the impact of complex community interventions on health inequalities. She has a background in public health and social anthropology.

Courtney Scott is a Research Fellow, working within the health inequalities stream, assisting with the qualitative component of the second phase of a local community-based intervention as part of the Communities in Control (CiC) project.


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