• We are the NIHR School for Public Health Research @ LSHTM

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  • We gather knowledge

    On how strategies, such as housing and transport, impact on health outcomes. We focus particularly on the physical and social environments within local communities and facilitate connections between different sectors.

  • We develop evaluation methods

    To understand complex interventions, the processes by which they work and the contexts in which they may be implemented, with a particular focus on health inequalities and alcohol use


  • We analyse decision-making

    So we can understand how decisions are made on the ground and how policies are implemented around public health

  • We build public participation

    By studying how to involve the public and other stakeholders in decision-making around health-related issues

  • We make evidence more useful

    Matching high quality evidence to the way decisions are actually made and the needs of decision-makers


Welcome to SPHR@L.

Our research aims to strengthen evidence and understanding for better decision-making on the social and environmental factors that determine public health.

 Established in April 2012, SPHR@L forms part of the wider NIHR School for Public Health Research (SPHR), comprising eight UK universities and research centres of excellence.

As outlined in the Government’s ‘Healthy Lives, Healthy People‘ White Paper, the management of public health has radically shifted to local government and communities, enabling them to work together to improve health throughout people’s lives, reduce inequalities and focus on the needs of the local population. SPHR@L , as part of the wider SPHR,  is committed to supporting this transition through our research.

 Find out more about us! Download our SPHR@L brochure

Our Goals

  • Gather knowledge
  • Develop evaluation methods
  • Analyse decision-making
  • Build public participation
  • Make evidence more useful

Supporting Local Government

Our work aims to help local government, in particular, to use housing, transport, social and environmental determinants of health outcomes. We aim to support the objectives, set out in the ‘Healthy Lives, Health People’ White Paper, to ‘improve the health of the poorest fastest’ and ‘unleash new ideas based on the evidence of what works’.

Our Skills

Our multidisciplinary team has extensive expertise in working with local government and research expertise in the fields of: complex decision-making, medical science, housing, food and alcohol, the environment, transport, inequalities, smoking, education, criminology, community development and citizenship.




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