Listed here are up-coming and past conferences involving SPHR@L participation.

Up-coming conferences:

To be announced…


Past conferences:


 28th-29th November 2013 Public Health Science: A national conference dedicated to new research in public health

LSHTM, UCL, UK Health Forum, & The Lancet host this multidisciplinary event comprising oral and poster presentations of selected research.

Click here to see the PHS conference 2013 programme




 11th-13th September 2013 Society for Social Medicine 57th Annual Scientific Conference, Brighton

 Reporting on new research findings, debating academic and policy issues in and around health services research, epidemiology, public health, statistics,  sociology, psychology, health policy and/or mixed methods research.

Click here to see the SSM 2013 programme



 19th-23rd September 2013 Cochrane 21st Colloquium, Quebec

 Better Knowledge for Better Health is on how evidence informs health care decisions at every level – from patient to practitioner, to institutional or  government policy-maker.

Click here to see the Colloquium 2013 programme



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 18th-19th March 2013 Fit Cities Conference, London

 How can the design of the built environment and the public realm create opportunities to increase physical activity and improve access to healthier food choices?

Click here to see the Fit Cities programme

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