SPHR@L Seminar Series

Future seminars:

Watch this space for future SPHR@L seminars.


Past seminars:

Monday, 21st May, 2018 – ‘Cities, Health and Housing’; Seminar abstract – Ch Naylor and D Buck

Tuesday 28th March, 2017 – ‘Improving Mental Health through the Regeneration of Deprived Neighborhoods: A Natural Experiment’ James White (DECIPHer); Seminar abstract – J White; and storyboard of J White #sphrseminar tweets

Monday 6th March, 2017 ‘Public involvement in research – more than just ticking a box’ Martin Lodemore (INVOLVE); Seminar blog – M Lodemore and storyboard of M Lodemore #sphrseminar tweets

Monday 27th Feb, 2017 ‘Agent Based Models for Public Health Research and Practice: Modelling Alcohol Systems’ Mark McCann (MRC Unit, Glasgow); Seminar abstract – McCann

29th Sep, 2016 ‘Do spatially targeted initiatives improve health and well-being?’ Richard Crisp (Sheffield Hallam University); Seminar abstract – R Crisp and Seminar blog – R Crisp and R Crisp seminar slides and storyboard of R Crisp #sphrseminar tweets

11th May, 2016 ‘Engaging with local authorities’ David Pye (Local Government Authority); Seminar blog D Pye and storyboard of D Pye #sphrseminar tweets

12th April, 2016 ‘Connecting Communities and complexity: creating the conditions for transformational change’ Katrina Wyatt & Robin Durie (University of Exeter); Seminar blog – KW & RD and storyboard of KW & RD #sphrseminar tweets

20th May, 2015 ‘Using alcohol licensing to achieve public health objectives: limits and limitations’ Niamh Fitzgerald (University of Stirling); Seminar abstract – N Fitzgerald and Seminar blog – N Fitzgerald and storyboard of N Fitzgerald’s #sphrseminar tweets

11th Mar, 2015 ‘Preventing harm with alcohol licensing: can we generate evidence from policy?’ David Humphreys (University of Oxford); Seminar abstract – D Humphreys and Seminar blog – D Humphreys and Seminar slides – D Humphreys and storyboard of D Humphreys #sphrseminar tweets

16th Oct, 2014 ‘Politics, localism and epistemologies of practice: How will evidence-based public health fare in the world of local government?’ Gemma Phillips (University of Edinburgh/ University of Glasgow); Seminar abstract – G Phillips and Seminar blog – G Phillips and Seminar slides – G Phillips and storyboard of G Phillips #sphrseminar tweets

7th Oct, 2014‘Shifting the Gravity of Spending?’ Exploring methods for supporting public health commissioners in priority-setting to improve population health and address health inequalities.” S Scalabrini (Durham University); Seminar abstract – S Scalabrini and Seminar blog – S Scalabrini and Seminar slides – S Scalabrini and storyboard of S Scalabrini #sphrseminar tweets

20th May, 2014 “Can agent-based models inform the evaluation of complex natural experiments?” Z Chalabi (LSHTM) and Theo Lorenc (UCL); Z Chalabi/ T Lorenc seminar abstract and Z Chalabi/ T Lorenc seminar blog and storyboard of Z Chalabi & T Lorenc #sphrseminar tweets

20th March, 2014 “Minimum unit pricing of alcohol in Scotland: Lessons for evidence-informed policy” Dr. S Vittal Katikireddi, MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit, University of Glasgow; S V Katikreddi seminar abstract and S Vittal Katikireddi seminar blog

25th February, 2014 “Can neighbourhood demolition really be a low impact public health intervention? Complex finising from a UK natural experiment evaluation (GoWell)” Dr. Matt Egan, LSHTM; Matt Egan seminar blog & Matt Egan seminar abstract & Matt Egan seminar slides (GoWell)

19th November, 2013 “Telling Policy Stories: An Ethnographic Study of the Use of Evidence in Policy-making in the UK” Prof. Alex Stevens, University of Kent; Alex Steven’s seminar abstract & Alex Steven’s seminar blog & A Stevens seminar slides

10th October, 2013 “Can specific approaches to community engagement help to reduce inequalities in health?” Prof. James Thomas, Dr. Alison O’Mara-Eves & Mrs Ginny Brunton, Institute of Education; J Thomas et al seminar abstract & J Thomas et al seminar blog & J Thomas et al seminar slides

30th May, 2013: “The Social Life of Decisions” Dr. Tim Rapley, Newcastle University; T. Rapley seminar blog

25th March, 2013: “Where Should the Public be in Public Health? A Discussion of Citizenship and Lay Involvement in UK Public Health” Professors Jane South and Mark Gamsu, Leeds Metropolitan University; Phillip Woodward, NICE Local Government Reference Group; and Angela Donkin, UCL Institute of Health Equity; P. Woodward seminar slides & P. Woodward seminar Discussion Questions

29th January, 2013: “Who Runs Public Health? Evidence, Policy and Networks” Kathryn Oliver, University of Manchester; K Oliver seminar slides

13th December, 2012:  “Killer Facts, Politics and Information: Reflections on the Place of Evidence in Public Health and Policy” Prof. Margaret Whitehead, University of Liverpool.

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