‘Public involvement can make or break your research study’ Martin Lodemore [6th March 2017]

‘Welfare with conditions can promote social divisions’ 

‘Devolution could improve health by focusing on area-based regeneration’ Richard Crisp [29th Sep 2016]

‘Co-production is vital so research addresses councils’ requirements in this tough financial climate’ David Pye [11th May 2016]

‘Transforming community relations is the starting point for achieving real public health improvements’ Katrina Wyatt and Robin Durie [5th April 2016]

‘Just how useful are licensing laws for improving public health?’ Niamh Fitzgerald [20th May 2015]

‘Liberalising drinking hasn’t left much chance for thinking’ Dave Humphreys [11th March 2015]

‘Why we want to develop public health research to help strengthen local government’  Matt Egan [2nd March 2015]

‘An evidence-culture shock for public health in local government’ Gemma Phillips [16th Oct 2014]

‘Are Local Authorities using their new responsibilities to shift the gravity of their spending towards preventive health?’  Silvia Scalabrini [7th Oct 2014]

‘Modelling human behaviour and social interactions can help evaluations to explain the unexpected’ Theo Lorenc and Zaid Chalabi [20th May 2014]

‘Evidence is most likely to influence public health if it fits the right problem at the right time for the right people’ Vittal Katikireddi [20th Mar 2014]

‘If you destroy a neighbourhood, you need a strategy to support those who rely on it most’ Matt Egan [25th Feb 2014]

‘Be Wary of Policy-Makers Bearing Evidence’ Alex Stevens [14th Nov 2013]

‘Involve Minorities and the Socially Disadvantaged to Help Them to Become Healthier’ Alison O’Mara-Eves [8th Oct 2013]

‘The Social Life of Decisions’ Tim Rapley [30th May 2013]

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