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BLOG: Devolution could improve health by focusing on area-based regeneration

Past regeneration programmes that improved housing and the local environment were linked with better health. Devolved institutions should learn from them, argues Richard Crisp.
Devolved institutions should upgrade housing and the physical environment in their most disadvantaged neighbourhoods if they want to help those with the poorest health, suggests our…

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NEWS: LGA ‘Need to know’ review – what local government needs to know about public health

[CITED FROM LGA website:]

The return of public health to local government has been widely welcomed. It affords an opportunity to provide leadership for health that was largely missing from the NHS between 1974 and April 2013.

The new arrangements could enable a more joined up…

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PUBLICATION: Responsibility without legal authority? Tackling alcohol-related health harms through licensing and planning policy in local government

As part of the Evaluating Local Government Alcohol Policies project, the following output has been published:

Download it here: Responsibility without Authority – Journal of Public Health 2013

Or link through to it at the Journal of Public Health

Citation: Martineau F, Graff H, Mitchell C, Lock K. Responsibility without legal…

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